Lil Nas X burn TikTok with his 6 pack abs

Nearly a month after having “given birth” to his famous first album Montero, Lil Nas X showed that he was no longer “pregnant” by showing on TikTok a perfectly flat stomach, with drawn abs; but this is not what caught the eye of Internet users the most in the video…

Behind his millions of followers, a small heart of whore attention still beats at Lil Nas X. Thus the popstar of the moment, who is attracting the attention of the whole world by his dazzling and impactful breakthrough in the music industry, accumulating 25 million followers on TikTok, 11 million on Instagram and 7 million on Twitter, began the week with a clear need for compliments…

The recent father of the album Montero has indeed posted on the TikTok platform a sexy video where he appears in sportswear, showing off his beautifully drawn abs and torso as well as his package, just as drawn under shorts carefully arranged to highlight it. The gay rapper having recently announced that he had become single again, we could only advise him too much to post everything on Grindr, under the nickname of Lil Nas XL… success guaranteed!

“Lil Nas X dick”

Shamelessly showing off your sexyness, a basic recipe that many tiktokers use and abuse to generate likes. It is advisable, then, to accompany the video of a playful comment, relating for example to the weather conditions or techniques of realization of the sequence, here: “Sorry for the dirty mirror” . Obviously, very few of the 25,000 comments posted under the video relate to the cleanliness of the mirror. And on Google, global searches have exploded for 24 hours not on “how to catch your dirty mirror” but around “Lil Nas X dick” or “Lil Nas X penis” …

In short, the basic attention-seeking recipe works brilliantly for Lil Nas X who, 15 hours after posting the video on TikTok this Monday, October 11, already had more than 6 million views and 800,000 likes. The best jams are made in old jars!


sorry about the dirty mirror


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