Men share the things they secretly do or like but hide because of gender stereotypes

“I’m a six-foot-tall soldier and I love to lay my head in my daughter’s lap and watch Disney movies.”

It’s no secret that we live in a society where gender roles are firmly enforced. In the case of men, the gender stereotype is that they can never do something that is considered too “feminine”, because deviating from anything that is not considered masculine is a mistake and a sign. of weakness.

And a few days ago, Reddit user u/Levels2ThisBruh addressed this topic when he asked the AskReddit community: “Guys, what do you secretly like but hide because of stereotypes? kind?”

The thread had thousands of replies. Here are some of the most voted and best reviews:

1 – “Before, I used to crochet and knit, but I found a girlfriend who didn’t care. It made me stop little by little, even though I missed it a lot. I tried to resume once in a while, but the desire is immediately destroyed as I remember being made fun of by her and how it made me feel.”

2 – “Honestly, going to Bath & Body Works is my shit. I’m a basic bitch for pretty candles and lotions.”


“I like to go to Bath & Body Works with my wife to buy new wallflowers and soaps.”


“Bro, I’m not even hiding it. I probably have 30 candles from Bath & Body Works. I don’t care, who cares. These candles make my house smell so good.”


3 – “It’s definitely girly pop. I’m pretty sure my tastes are supposed to be completely different, but they’re not. I don’t listen to music around other people that isn’t their music.”


“One of the nicest moments I’ve witnessed at the start line of an ultramarathon was the very dude next to me waving at some T. Swift to get stuck in. His enthusiastic ‘Shake It Off!’ the dance was the best hype I’ve ever had.”


“Most of the music I listen to is female electronic dance music. I’m a trucker so I turn it down when I get to the truck stop lol.”


4- “I wear a more masculine cologne when I go out, but secretly I prefer to be slathered in the scent of lavender. Shit smells good.”


“I use women’s deodorants and buy unisex fragrances. I do this mainly because the scents are generally milder and smell like real things.

“What is ‘mountain rush’ or ‘active sport’? Conventions for men’s scents are stupid.”


5- “Before, I had a vegetable garden next to which I had planted flowers: marigolds, purple roses and pink vines, among others. I always told people who came home that they were those of my mother. I was actually quite proud of them (secretly).”


“I was buying flowers for my apartment, and people weren’t necessarily making fun of me, but guys were asking me who they were for. They’re for me! But because I was being outspoken, my friends were starting to bring me flowers. flowers when they came hanging out 😂.”


6 – “I love candles. There are always two in my living room, and I can’t wait for new ones. And the baths are amazing and relaxing. (I just wish they were one little bigger.)”


“I love taking baths. I always thought it was weird that a lot of men consider it ‘gentle’.”


7 – “I don’t really hide it, but I was made fun of for enjoying fruity drinks. For example, I can handle pure alcohol just fine, but it tastes awful to me, so I Love hiding it in fun drinks. It’s really weird how many people who only drink beer or “manly” drinks who despise fruity cocktails. Even women do it. Give me that infused vodka to Strawberry and Lemonade Svedka with raspberry juice and a splash of coconut rum any spring/summer day and I’m a happy guy.”


“I know a married guy who likes the cosmos. Every time he and his wife go out, the waiter gives the cosmos to his wife by mistake, and he corrects them every time.”


8 – “Being petted, like I do with my partner, and petting/playing with her hair…except it turns out I’m a demanding little female dog, and give me petts! Also, being the little spoon. She my backpack. 😂”


“My husband also loves being the teaspoon; we call it ‘jetpacking’.”


9 – “When I was in high school, I loved Ginger’s girl show As Told. I hid it for fear of being called gay (I’m straight, but when you’re 13, it’s is a big insult”). But I really loved it. The stories were dramatic and relatively realistic. The characters had flaws (Dodie, bitch). The main character acted more like 23 than 12, and his diary entries were insightful. And the coolest part? The characters changed outfits every day! I’m 34, and as I tried to watch it again recently, it showed me that it was definitely a kid’s show and a little nerve-wracking for an adult (but that’s only natural). Still, I’m finally cool admitting that I loved this show in eighth grade. Very healthy. “


10 – “I have to admit, I like girl movies sometimes. Steel Magnolias tears me up every time I watch it…but it’s a great movie. I like movies that make me feel.”

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