OutSummit 2021

December 8, 2021 – December 10, 2021 –  Virtual

Join us in December for the 7th annual OutSummit, a meeting of LGBTIQ advocates and allies discussing our movement’s priorities and challenges. We will meet virtually over 3 days to reflect on the LGBTIQ organizing, strategize collectively, and celebrate queer people!

What is OutSummit?

OutSummit is an annual global conference for the human rights of LGBTIQ people organized in partnership with OutRight Action International and CUNY School of Law. It is a space where people from across civil society, State, and private sector boundaries who believe in LGBTIQ equality come together to build momentum for achieving protection of the human rights of LGBTIQ people everywhere.

OutSummit has been held for the past six years around Human Rights Day, marked annually on December 10. The choice of date is not coincidental. To this day, in too many places, the human rights of LGBTIQ people are not recognized as human rights. Same-sex relations are criminalized in 67 countries, 13 countries have laws criminalizing trans people, with another 37 targeting trans people through vagrancy, prostitution, morality, or other laws. Meanwhile, only five countries ban sexual orientation and gender identity change practices which often use brutal psychological and physical force to attempt to change, suppress, divert, or reorient someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. 

OutSummit is a space where we can reaffirm that human rights belong to everyone, including LGBTIQ people, by virtue of being human, and join forces across sector and geographical boundaries to continue pushing for progress in global recognition of this basic fact. 

In recognition of OutSummit being held on Human Rights Day, and in acknowledgment of the scale of violations against the rights of LGBTIQ people around the world, this year’s theme of the conference is simple – human rights for LGBTIQ people everywhere. 

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Who can attend? 

Everyone is welcome to attend OutSummit. It is a space which transcends across civil society, State, and private sector boundaries for a common purpose – LGBTIQ equality around the world.

Past OutSummits

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Watch the OutSummit 2020 Recordings below. 

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