Russia: A music channel condemned for homosexual “propaganda”

The Russian television channel Mouz-Tv had broadcast a musical ceremony where men were dressed in dresses.

One million rubles, or 12,000 euros. This is the amount of the fine that the Russian music channel Mouz-Tv has to pay for having broadcast, on June 4, a ceremony with men dressed in dresses and others appearing to celebrate their marriage.

During this awards ceremony, the singer, very popular in Russia, Philipp Kirkovov arrived at the ceremony alongside a rapper in a convertible decorated with flowers and followed by a procession of shirtless men, giving the impression that the two artists were celebrating their marriage.

The court then found Mouz-TV guilty of violating the law prohibiting “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations”, a text denounced as homophobic by many NGOs. According to the Russian telecom regulator, which had filed the complaint, Mouz-TV did not respect the law by broadcasting its program without indicating that it was not recommended for people under 18 and by broadcasting it before 11 pm.

Since 2013, in Russia, a law “allows” to fight against homosexual “propaganda”. It officially aims to protect minors and has already been used several times against LGBT+ activists and groups. In Russia, pride marches are banned on the basis of this law and sexual minorities are regularly victims of crimes, including murders, especially in the Russian Caucasus.

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