Ex-Trump official admits his gay son is ashamed of working for the administration

“He didn’t want to tell his friends where I worked.”

Former White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham admitted to The View yesterday that her gay son was embarrassed to have worked for Donald Trump.

Since Trump left office, Grisham, like many other administration officials, has embarked on an apology tour to rehabilitate his image after he helped back up one of America’s most dangerous leaders.

The panel was discussing Florida’s hateful “Don’t Say Gay” bill that prohibits elementary school teachers from mentioning LGBTQ people or issues to students. The measure could prevent teachers from recognizing the parents of certain students and allow parents to sue if they find “objectionable” content.

“So, does this bill shame children for being who they are and punish teachers who actually want to help them? I mean, I don’t know what it’s for,” host Whoopi Goldberg said ahead of time.

Co-host Sara Haines agreed and used her brother as an example of the dangers the law would pose.

“My brother is gay and I remember him sharing that story,” she said. “He started to feel different around five or six years old. If he asked a question, he might have found himself in a situation where he turned to a teacher who had to betray him. I think this is going in the wrong direction. »

“I think cruelty is the goal,” co-host Sunny Hostin replied. “It’s to shame the family. It’s to shame the kids. We could see that coming, I think, when you start banning books, when you start banning history in the classroom. What’s next? It prohibits discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity. It prohibits discussion of certain religions.

Hostin took the discussion back to Grisham and that she backed a president who “started saying the quiet part out loud,” encouraging racism and anti-LGBTQ sentiment at every opportunity.

But Grisham made that clear when she mentioned her gay son’s reaction.

“This one is personal to me,” Grisham proclaimed. “And you bring up a good point because of my former boss. I have a 14 year old son who is gay, he recently came out. I have his permission to talk about it.

“He wouldn’t tell his friends where I worked. He was ashamed of where I worked, and rightly so.

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