Who was Justin Fashanu, the first professional player to come out as gay?

Justin Fashanu was the first professional footballer to come out as gay in 1990.

He is now one of the symbols of the fight against homophobia in sport and more particularly in soccer. Justin Fashanu, an English striker, was the first professional footballer to reveal his homosexuality in 1990. A step that inspired Josh Cavallo, a young Australian footballer who also broke the taboo on Wednesday 27 October.

The 21-year-old came out on social media and explained: “I remember reading about Justin Fashanu being the first professional footballer to come out as gay in the 1990s and his suicide eight years later and it got me thinking.

Trained at Norwich City (England), Justin Fashanu was quickly considered as the future nugget of soccer at the time. Following his performances, Nottingham Forest bought the British player for a million pounds, or 1.7 million euros. A record transfer that makes him the first black British soccer player to reach the million mark.

However, not everything will go as planned. Complicated relations with his coach and a provocative character on the part of the player do not facilitate his integration into the club. But that’s not all. Justin Fashanu was seen in gay bars, which does not seem to please Brian Cough, his coach. This one does not hesitate to insult him as “faggot” or “faggot” in front of his teammates.

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